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With a commitment to high-quality dental care and access to some of the best-proven technology available, Schein Dental offers an opportunity to have both your best smile and your best life. Whether you are in need of routine care or a cosmetic procedure, Dr. Schein delivers a comprehensive, team-based approach to optimizing your oral health experience with a combination of the right equipment and skilled clinical touch.

Why Everyone Loves Schein Dental

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“If you’re looking for a PHENOMENAL dentist, stop right here and make an appointment!”

- Sam
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“Wonderful experience! Schein Dental is a great practice with professional and kind staff and dentists. Convenient location is an added plus. Highly recommend!”

- Scarlet
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“What a nice office!  Really like personal attention of Dr. Schein and his staff. Caring and professional.”

- Nathan
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“Dr. Schein, Barb, Karen & Shelley make a great team! Very friendly & great dental services!“

- Bob
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“Dr. Schein uses the latest technology to give his patients the top notch care they deserve. He is an excellent dentist that cares about his patients and makes sure they receive the best care and that they understand all their options for treatment. I recommend him 100% and trust him with all of my family dental care.”

- Beverly
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“Having a dentist that you trust is so important…This practice truly cares about their patients and spends time teaching about good oral hygiene, preventative care, and treatment plans.”

- Jess
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"Very impressive diagnostics and efficient treatments. Dr. Schein was the best of the best."
- Daniel
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"Latest in technology, professional service and efficient staff."
- Daniel
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"The entire staff was awesome! They made me feel like I had been going there for years. I recommend this terrific group of people to anyone and everyone."
- Thomas
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"Staff is amazing! All honest and caring!!"
- Rebecca


Dr. Schein’s dedication to high-quality dental care is matched only by his personal investment in his patients. His focus is on providing the best possible aesthetic and functional outcomes, guided by the highest standards of the profession and the individual needs of each person under his care.

“I use my expertise to help guide patients to a healthy mouth and obtain their dream smile”


Cosmetic Dentistry

Sometimes dental care needs to go beyond the routine, and when patients need something more to help them look and feel their best cosmetic dentistry may be the answer.

Cosmetic dental procedures are many and vary widely in complexity, but some examples offered by Schein Dental include:

  • Teeth Whitening
  • Invisalign
  • Dental Veneers
  • Reconstruction
  • Dental Implants

General Dentistry

General dentistry is unique in that it is oriented towards preventative care, either proactively heading off problems before they develop or detecting and treating them before they progress too far. This is the foundation of a lifetime of healthy smiles, and a cornerstone of Schein Dental’s approach.

Some treatments which fall under general dentistry include:

  • Crowns & Bridge
  • Tooth Colored Filling
  • Sedation Dentistry
  • Child Teeth Cleanings
  • TMJ Therapy
  • Adult Teeth Cleanings
  • Root Canals

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